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Feeble Quest




So, you came all the way to Ryan’s personal dream journal, so you might as well pick up a little bit of info on the guy, right? Here’s some things about a handful of people’s fifth favorite author:

A writer of sorts

Ryan has been scribbling words on paper since he was first given a pencil to do so. He peaked in third grade when his sci-fi short story about a rebel uprising in space netted him the coveted Young Chicago Authors Award, but the notoriety quickly went to his head and young Ryan faded into obscurity.

An animator to some degree

It all started with a little cartoon about an invading snow demon apocalypse and was soon followed by a walking chicken and three questing dudes, and soon RyTV will be putting out series of internet cartoons for tens of fans! Some of it is based on Ryan’s comics from high school, particularly the Chickens of Justice (which will hopefully become a feature in 2016).

A musician of arguable talent

Our hero has been in and out of bands since he got his first guitar, Dr. Spookington, in seventh grade. Since then, Ryan has been in rock, metal, and punk bands, and even dabbled a bit in country. He stepped away for a bit after Sutured Psyche disbanded in 2012, but he’s back with two new projects that you know will be shamelessly promoted on this website.

Need a trainer? Or a fireman?

Ryan has been a certified personal trainer since 2005, and most recently has taken a left turn into being a firefighter/EMT. He lives in Chicago with his best bud, Nugget, a terrifying chiweenie!