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Feeble Quest

Earm Worms For Ya!

Check out some tunes from Ryan’s former and current projects, some of which may be coming to your town!

The story of three adventurers–Bull the warrior, Red the wizard, and Spark the Omnipotent Master of the Dark Arts–have been slow in coming to the internet, but a full season of scripts is nearly complete and production is set to begin quite soon!

Feeble Quest

The first installment has arrived! A Deep Dark Pit of Despair is available for preorder from your favorite online retailer. Not only can you purchase the eBook, but printed books will soon be available On Demand through CreateSpace. Expect updates on that soon!

Also, each copy comes with a sample of the forthcoming sequel, Out of the Pit, Into the Fire!

Pirate in Theory

More Titles

Keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming books from Ryan R. Reilly:

 Rise on Wings of Fire

Epic Level Fitness

Out of the Pit, Into the Fire